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Bryan Hogeveen

Jan 29 – Methodologies Ethics • Researches must ensure anonymity, confidentiality, research causes no undue harm to participants, informed consent of participants and no manipulation Questions to Consider: What do we learn about deviance? • Youtube captures the essence of 21 century life • How has deviance changed over time? • What incidences of positive deviance do we observe? • What incidence of negative deviance do we observe? • What research methods were employed? • What kind of ethical issues are involved in this research? • What do we learn about ourselves by examining youtube? • Impact of youtube: the impact of the individual not mass media • When media changes, human relationship changes • We see increasing commercialization and long for increasing authenticity • With technology we are looking for a connection without constraints. Youtube offers this connection How has our life changed through Youtube • When media changes, we change • As media changes it drives changes in human behaviour. • As we create more generic forms of entertainment and lose connections, things like youtube and facebook have stepped in to create connections we haven’t had before • Theres a debate over whether media changed first or if people changed first. We do know that society and people are interconnected • We are very individualized in society (ex. We don't know our neighbors) • Facebook and youtube try to help us to connect • Our society’s layout has changed vastly in recent history. Shopping at small stores has become not as popular with big box stores like costco where you can get everything in one spot. • In recent history, there is a lack of connectivity with individuals • Internet allows us to connect in new and different ways like sk
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