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Lecture 7

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Classical Studies
CLAS 3020
Andrew Sherwood

CLAS 3020 Lecture 7 9/20/2013 12:26:00 PM Granicus 334 Issos 333 – Darius flees Gaugamela 331 – defeat of Darius Tyre+Gaza 332 Alalai – Macedonian battle cry Sogdian Rock – Oxyartes  where Alexander meets Roxanne and her father _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Alexander uses all the forces at his disposal for all these battles - as he moves through Persia, he begins to leave the Greek forces of the Hellenic league behind to stabilize the places he’s conquered - he leaves the cavalry along the coast of Syria - by 331, Alexander’s reputation is so great that mercenaries from Greece are flocking to him - we know that by the time he fights at Gaugamela, there’s a large increase in his army size - something that several sources say is that Antipater is asked for reinforcements several times b/c people are dying - Ecbatana – he’s there for a bit longer in 331, when he sets out in 330 he send home the Thebans and Hellenic troops except those who want to stay as mercenaries (looking for loyalty – give up your home over me) - this is important b/c he’s getting rid of potential troops who aren’t 100% - 1000’s of Greeks stayed with Alexander, by the time he gets to Bactria it is Greeks and not Macedonians who are the left behind colonists - by Arrian we are told that these colonists stay, but some of the colonists leave their new homes after Alexander dies - by the time Alexander leaves Bactria, he still has the Agrianes, Cretan archers and Macedonians but he has a large amount of hand-picked Greeks and a Persian cavalry _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ __ His Methods and Tactics - starting back in Greece when he fights the Thracians in the Balkans, he saves his men with smart techniques (shields on back) - crossing rivers, he was known to make rafts out of his army tents - in Illyria, he has Illyrian opponents situated on a hill above him, they march and turn and then double time this entertainment march (and this mesmerizes enemies with their full armour precision) and then they sudden charge, and without any blows they won the battle cause the Illyrians panicked - he uses all the siege warfare tactics known at this time (ramming walls, Caria – undermines the walls, Halicarnassus – scales walls, Gaza – earthen ramp over wall, Tyre – built a mole to the island in order to send siege machinery) - the siege of Tyre almost beats him, his siege engines are rolling onto the island, the Tyrians set several ships on fire and drive them into the mole with Alexander’s troops - two navies (Cyprus and Cydon) allow Alexander to use their ships to attack Tyre - his reputation remains untarnished - the point about these tactics is he does what ever he has to do in or
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