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Monday January 23

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ENGL 2880
Maria Broser

English 288023 Monday 2012thIn the 19 century in America and England the short story becomes a popular genremanymagazines are also springing up during this periodmore women readers and consumers so nowthere is a market for womens fictionmany of the magazines were aimed at women readersnot surprising then these magazines would include stories about womens experiences and concernsMany of the women writers of this period were also editorsfor many female short story writers in this period writing for magazines was a means to support themselves and their familiesa lot were also widowsThere was a demand then for fiction and stories that explored the problems associated with womenbecame more acceptable for women to writeAlthough women wrote and published there were still many obstacles they facedthere were still restrictionsome were internal some were externalInternalexternal restrictionsStill uncomfortable with the role of a writerthey felt that their role a professional writers was in conflict with their role as wife or motherWriting put them into a role allowing them to develop part of their nature which conflicted with their nature as womenthey were expected to be passive submissive obedient kind loving and dutiful to the householdthe act of writing demands different attributeswriting is not passive it is an act of self assertion and self expression it required the use of the mind and it is liberating
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