Chapter 13-Early Adulthood: Physical and Cognitive Development

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1010
Triciavan Rhijn

pfpapds iabChapter 13Early Adulthood Physical and Cognitive DevelopmentLearning OutcomesLO1 Discuss the theoretical stage of emerging adulthoodLO2 Describe trends in physical development in early adulthoodLO3 Discuss health in early adulthood focussing on causes of death diet exercise and substance abuseLO4 Discuss sexuality in early adulthood focussing on homosexuality STIs menstrual problems and sexual coercion LO5 Discuss cognitive development in early adulthood focussing on post formal developments and effects of college lifeLO6 Describe career choice and development during early adulthoodDid you knowD1 leading causes of death vary among Canadian men and womanD2 Young people are the fastest growing group to be infected with HIVD3 Menstrual discomfort is normalD4 The majority of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knowsD5 Milliondollar lottery winners often feel aimless and dissatisfied if they quit their jobs after striking richEmerging Adulthood Some theorists consider this to be a new periods of development roughly ages 1825 Previously adolescents made a transition directly into adulthood What is Adulthood based onPreviouslyTodayMarriageDiscovering valuesbeliefsFulltime jobAccepting selfresponsibilitiesLiving independentlyFinancially independentequal relationship with parentsEarly adulthood the first stage to adulthood itself is largely seen as a period when people establish careerspathways in lifeLO1Emerging AdulthoodOnly happens in societies that allow young people to explore their role in life developed countries Supports such as student loans allow even those who cant afford to explore educational opportunites to do soWhen individuals in their late teens and early twenties were asked whether they think they have become adults 35 said in some respects yes and in some respects no Arnett 2000 This is because they have not yet assumes responsibilities of adulthoodLO2 Physical Development
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