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Lecture 5

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NUTR 1010

thFebruary 6Essential fatsAMDR for omega6 510 of energy o About 1122 gramsday o We meet AMDR salad dressings vegetable oils margarine mayonnaiseAMDR for omega3 0612 o About 1326 gramsday o We do NOT meet AMDR o Fish shrimp canola oil walnuts flaxseed novel sources omega3 eggs omega3 milk etc Summary of dietary fat recommendations thus farAMDR 2035 of energy intakeIdeal breakdown o Saturated fat 7 o Trans fat absolute minimum o PolyunsaturatedOmega6 510Omega3 0612What about monounsaturated fat o About 10 of energy Monounsaturated fats are heart healthyThey have low LDLcholesterol o Because they displace saturated fat from dietAre HDLcholesterol neutral vs trans fats which decrease HDLA reminder of food sources o Olive oil canola oil cashews Butter VS MargarineButter and margarine contain same amount of energy and fatHow they differ is in the TYPE of fat o Butter contains primarily saturated fat o Nonhydrated margarine contains polyunsaturated fatResult of this difference o Different effects of LDLcholesterol Chart on Slide 6 She said to take a look at it Dietary cholesterolFound in foods of animal originLittle effect on blood cholesterol o A high intake means we decrease our own internal productionSaturated and trans fats Increase blood cholesterolPotatoes arent cholesterol free because cholesterol is only found in animal productsPutting it all togetherAim for 2035 of your energy from fat o Emphasize polyesp omega2 and monounsaturated fats
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