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Lecture 6

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NUTR 1010

thFebruary 13 Our bodies have no special storage site for dietary proteinUnlike dietary CHO glycogen and dietary fat body fatIn times of energy deficiency body protein broken down to amino acids o First small proteins from blood then liver o Then muscles and other organs yikesAmino acids then undergo gluconeogenesis o Used for energy What happens if we consume too little dietary protein Protein Energy MalnutritionKwashiorkor not common in Canada o Caused by a severe protein deficit moderate energy deficit o Protruding belly o Some subcutaneous fatGood news Reversible if caught in timeMarasmuso Caused by a severe protein AND energy deficit o Skin and bones appearance o Little or no subcutaneous fatGood news Reversible if caught in time Marasmus occurs in CanadaElderlyHungry homelessThose suffering from o Anorexia nervosa o Wasting diseases ex Cancer AIDS o Drug alcohol addictions What about vegetarianismPractice of restricting diet to foods of plant origin vegetables fruits grains nuts4 of Canadians are vegetariansMany different types o See Table 66 NEED TO KNOW SLIDE 9 o Lacto MilkOvo EggPesco Fish Why adopt vegetarianismReligious ethical reasons o Several religions prohibit or restrict consumption of animal flesh o Morality and ethics of consuming animalsEcological reasons o Ex Effect of meat industries on global environment waste produced from livestock greenhouse gas emissions o Ex Animals eat large quantities of grain that could feed humans high water usageFoodsafety reasons o Ex Mad Cow disease Maple Leaf listeroisis
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