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Tim Mau

March 22, 2013 – POLS 2250 PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE  IMPORTANT STANDING COMMITTEE OF PARLIAMENT – cabinet committees, and they have an important role to play in terms of ministerial decision making – which programs are actually going to receive money for expenditure – this has to go through parliament – must adopt, embrace and approve expenditure before the gov’t spends this money – once allocations are made and money is spent, how do we account for whether the money has been spend appropriately? That’s the public accounts committee.  CHAIRED BY MEMBER OF OPPOSITION – most gov’t committees are actually chaired by the party who ahs the majority in the house of commons – being chaired by member of opposition is what makes public accounts committee unique  REVIEWS REPORT OF AUDITOR GENERAL ON A CLAUSE-BY-CLAUSE BASIS – this committee also happens to be assisted on its work and staff  REVIEWS PROPOSED AND ACTUAL EXPENDITURES OF GOVERNMENT – looks back and says what did gov’t say it was going to spend money on, and how were they actually spent to the previous fiscal year?  LIMITED SUCCESS – some argue that there is limited success in that the committees report is never debated in parliament and the gov’t rarely implements recommendations that comes form the public accounts committee  “GREAT CHECK AGAINST DOING FOOLISH THINGS” – others argue this! PRIVACY AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION  PRIVACY ACT (1983) / ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT (1983) o PRIVACY ACT – PROTECT PRIVACY OF INDIVIDUALS WITH RESPECT TO PERSONAL INFORMATION HELD BY GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS
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