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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

February 07, 2013 – PSYCH2310 Asch Study Across Cultures - versions of Asch’s experiment have been replicated in more than a dozen countries o about a dozen countries it has be conducted (the study) Conformity Sutides - On average, conformity is higher in collectivistic societies - Conformity tends to be higher amongst those who are not students (regardless, whether they are from individual or collectivistic cultures) - Conformity tends to be highest amongst those who have interdependent values Conformity Across Cultures - hunting and gathering societies and upper social segments of industrial societies, are low in conformity o why? survival of these people depends on being centralized – to explore environment, be creative. - Conformity tends to be higher amongst people coming from agriculture society – it takes a village to grow crops – being self-reliant and doing your own thing does not pay off. It does not have survival value. o They are not expected to come up with creative ideas. Paid to be conformist and do their jobs (factory workers as well) Study by John Berry - find the line that matches - if you come from a society from a society that is conformist than people will tend to choose X which is the average - Berry correlated the degree of independence with the sample’s position on an ecocultural dimension - Ecocultural dimensions talks about or examines the extent that the culture requires being self-reliant - He found a correlation of .70 (very high, very strong and convincing) between ecocultural dimension of self-reliance and independence or nonconformity (Berry 1979). Definition of Obedience - obedience is conformity in response to the commands of an authority figure. o Conformity in general - don’t necessarily need an authority figure – if everyone else is doing it, you end up doing it. Obedience to the Authority - Milgram’s experiments (1965; 1974) o Shock machine o Every time learner makes a mistake, order teacher to shock the learner – every time the shock is delivered, it gets higher and higher voltage - no one predicted that someone would go about 150 volts February 07, 2013 – PSYCH2310 o He found that over 60% of individuals went up to 450 volts o Learner pounds on the wall in protest at “intense”, and at “Extremely intense” the learner pounded on the wall in protest and after this gave no answers o Around 300 volts, learner stopped answering to give the image that they were hurt - Milgram’s experiments re-visited (2007) o More recent experiment o Up to 65% of men obeyed when conductor of the experiment present in the room o What about women?  They continued on and made excuses and/or reasons for continuing  73% of women went ahead a gave full voltage vs. 66% of men original shocks  new study went to 150 volts instead of the 450 volts like the original  they took out anyone who has taken a social psychology course so they would not know about the Milgram experiment Intense Indoctrination - how to cult groups manage to exert such total control over the lives of their members? o How t
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