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Saba Safdar

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March 20/2012
Social Psychology
Attraction and Intimacy: Chapter 14
o Little research done in this area
o Often looks at what happens when there is a lack of love rather than the benefits of love
Facts about attraction
o Physical proximity is important and plays a large role in attraction and relationship formation
o We like those who are physically attractive
o We like others who are similar to us: age, preferences, beliefs, etc.
Classical conditioning
o Pavlov
o Conditioned dogs to salivate at the sound of bells
o Unconditioned stimulus unconditioned response
This association exists without learning
o Conditioned response nothing
Nothing happens at first, there is no response
o Conditioned response + unconditioned stimulus unconditioned response
o Conditioned stimulus conditioned response
o What is the link to attraction and intimacy?
People can become paired with positive feelings if there are present during enough
positive experiences
This is important at the beginning of a relationship because when you meet under
positive circumstances, you associate them with these positive feelings
o Empirical evidence: Griffitt’s study
Split participants into 2 different rooms with different temperatures- one hot and one
Participants were asked about individuals- some who were similar to them and some
who were different
Asked participants to rate how much they like the participant they read about
Found that people who sat in the pleasant room rated the person who was similar to
them and different from them higher than the people who sat in the hot room
People associate the positive feeling of the room to the person they are reading about
and like the person more
o Conditioning and attraction
Reinforcement theorists and the three facts regarding attraction:
Proximity increases the chances of classical conditioning
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