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Dracula Chapter 19-21 Review

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University of Manitoba
RLGN 1440
Jade Weimer

Chapter 19-21 -men go to draculas estate with apotropaic items -bad smell, found some of the boxes -rats appear (shows evil because rats are dirty, carry diseases, etc) -van helsing makes renfield feel uneasy because of the type of person he is -mina and Jonathon are staying in the asylum -mina wakes up and her window is open, she sees the thin white streak -mina could not sleep because she feels a white cloud in room -cannot figure out whether she is dreaming or whether it is reality (same experience as Jonathon) -seward asks renfield how he will account for the souls he ingests -renfield doesn’t want souls -fears consequences of actions – between good and evil like lucy -renfield says if he obeyed Dracula, he would provide him with creatures such as insects to eat -mina becomes pale -renfield becomes angry that Dracula is killing mina -wakes up and Dracula is stepping out of the white mist -dracula threatens to kill her if she wakes jonathon -mina is kneeling and sucking Draculas blood (kneeling is usually for prayer) – juxtaposition ex -“sleep begins to flirt with her” – it is actually Dracula -jonathon was sl
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