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Lecture 23

SOC 1200 Lecture 23: Lecture 23

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

o982 Socialization Channeling our needs so we fit in Limits our choices  Form of social control – limited freedom of choice Made feel uncomfortable once you cross the line of normality  Prepares someone to fit into a given community Being taught to want what the community CAN provide Not to want anything else  “wanting to do what you have to do” e.g. teaching a child to want to go to bathroom all social systems are organized according to a script “all the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare must be taught what to expect begin doing the right thing because you want to, rather being told to community becomes a part of individual Status • a recognized social position (e.g. daughter, teacher, lawyer) o no one simply occupies one position o occupy many = status-set Role Expected behavior of someone in a particular status o Role-set = number of roles attached to a single status o We are expected of many things when holding a specific position Role Conflict Expectations of one position are in conflict with expectations of another position Socialization vs. Learning Learning  we tend to be conscious of most of what we learn we forget some of what we learn   what we learn may/may not be internalized learn something to perform an immediate task
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