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Lecture 38

SOC 1200 Lecture 38: Lecture 38

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

o982 (comes from Marx – class consciousness) Females share certain things in common Common interest – has everything to do with exploitation  Major change in women’s roles in 1970s Influx of women into the labour industry  Leaving ho1901 – 13% of Canadian women were working   1976 – 42% we working   2012 – 67% are working Intersection Theory Argued all women as one topic   To imply that all women are being equally exploited Everything is political, not personal  NOT TRUE There are many factors that cause women to be treated differently Think of those who are both visible minorities and women in terms of income, employability = additive disadvantages (ethnicity, gender, social class) Represents a multi-layer system of disadvantage for some, and privilege for others EXAM 4 NOTES 1. Groups and Organizations: Definitions Organizations = social units that are deliberately constructed in order to pursue  specific goals  Social groups = two or more people who identify/interact with one another  Category = collection o
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