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Lecture 36

SOC 1200 Lecture 36: Lecture 36

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

o|82 Men of upper castes have sexual access to both high/low caste women, low caste men have sexual access only to low caste women (same as in class system) Members of different castes avoid each other on occasions when it is at all possible o Live/work/shop/dine in different areas – minimize amount of contact (same as in class system) Consumption Wealth = 20% of people Account for 86% on consumption  Poorest 20% Account for 1.3% of consumption Social Stratification Characteristics:  1) stratification is socially defined your rank relative to other people is based on attitudes and beliefs of those around you 2) stratification is found everywhere  even in socialist countries socially determined qualities between men and women everywhere inequality in terms of power/prestige/income is universal  no such thing as completely egalitarian society 3) stratification does vary in degree and in form e.g. extreme stratification in India, less in Canada e.g. Sweden has even less than Canada/USA  4) stratification is important in determining lifestyle and life chances lifestyle = patterns of style, dress, activity life chances = (e.g. infant mortality rates, likelihood of ending up in jail, morbidity rates and mortality rates) inverse relationship between morbidity/mortality and SES  Who is poor? No particular re
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