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University of Saskatchewan
HIST 152
Jason Zorbas

History 152 Post confederation Page 1 June 9, 2009 1867 Canada was created! I. Canada as a Nation state - this was not a revolution - Canada was artificially created by a group of politicians supported by the home government in England. - Nationalism - did not exist in Canada for Canadians, they believed they were British - Nation-state (artificial idea) - the idea that everyone who shares a culture, language, religion you should have your own government. (who has a nation) evolves over time th th - started in the 19 century as a idea, up until the 20 century - unified language – write a dictionary - 1949 we became fully independent - we do not except violence as a way of changing politics - II. Canada’s people Percentage of the Population born in Canada in 1871 93% Quebec 93% Nova Scotia 87% New Brunswick 73% Ontario The Census of 1871 Ontario 1,620,851 Quebec 1,191,516 New Brunswick 285,594 Nova Scotia 387800 Total 3,485,761 Population of Major Cities in 1871 Montreal 100,000 Quebec 60,000 Convention – unspoken law OMG good thing we took sociology yo! Haha GENOCIDE… where is Stigma man? Canadian government have a kneejerk reaction to any challenge is to take it to court History 152 Post confederation Page 2 June 9, 2009 Toronto 50,000 Halifax 26,000 -Population of people were born here -Ural dwellers -most people can trace the roots to British Isle or French origin -no meaningful immigration from France sine 1763 -French population in Canada is generally born in Canada. -1763 the British conquered the French colony, - They felt no connection to France -Aboriginal People, who’s population has be dramatically and drastically reduced since the first contact with Europeans - By 1867 50-90% depopulation of Aboriginal People - war, illness, government policy - Small population of Chinese on the west coast - Small population of Africans on the east coast - Mass migration has not happened, and will not happen for years - we are not culturally sensitive, multiculturalism - Religion – We are a Christian nation – Protestant – England, Scottish, some Irish - Catholic – French and Irish - at the time most people still want to church, church attendance was much higher than it is now - no division between the church and the state - process of secularization was a slow th process throughout the 20 century - religious intolerant - Social Values - Social Norms – are completely different - much more conservative - Victorian Values - Queen Victoria 1837-1901 - Believed in the separation of Spheres - Private and Public lives were kept separate Convention – unspoken law OMG good thing we took sociology yo! Ha
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