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Lecture 1

PLSC 201 Lecture 1: PLSC 201 Lentils

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University of Saskatchewan
Plant Science
PLSC 201
Krista Wilde

Lentils The pulses are based on visual appearance not the protein or microbre levels Flowering in all of the pulses has 1 3 owers Introduction to lentils Primarily used for human consumption Lentils are high protein, bre, and vitamins India leads world lentil production and most is consumed domestically Production Canada has 33 of the lentil production that go for trade Saskatchewan produces 97 of Canadian lentils Adaptations and areas of production Cool season crop Grow in the brown, dark brown, and moist dark brown Required moderate moisture Hypogeal germination ( cotyledons below ground ) Lentil cotyledons remain below ground and the plant can regrow from buds if damaged Tolerant of spring frost Frost later on the mature plant will help dry the seed out Description and growth stages Annual plant Compound pinnate leaves ( 915 leaets ) Upper leaves have tendrils Oblong, attened compressed pods Indeterminate owering habit it conditions are good it will continue to ower The seed coat has different colours the cotyledons are yellow, red, green Self pollinated Large green They have yellow cotyledons with a green seed coat Larid is the oldest variety Not very popular because they wont mature in time Medium green Green seed coat Medium maturity Called a chilean type Small green Early maturing Green seat coat with yellow cotyledons Eston is the oldest
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