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New Directions Trudeau and Mulroney

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

New Directions: Trudeau and Mulroney February-04-13 9:27 AM New Directions? Détente and the Return of the Cold War Strengthening THE Bilateral Relationship New Directions - With the election of Trudeau by Canadians, we see the beginning of change and continuation in Canadian foreign policy. - We have different types of things happening? - There is also a great amount of continuity between Pearson, Trudeau and Mulroney's governments. ○ Trudeau keeps us in NORAD and NATO. ○ Trudeau renews our commitment to NATO. - In terms of the process of foreign policy, under Trudeau, we see: ○ The beginning of the centralization of power in the PMO. ○ In a movement away, in many respects, from Parliamentary democracy. ○ Savoie:  At some point, we will move towards the idea of electing a dictator (prime minister with majority government).  In many ways, we are harkening back to the days of a king being in power? - Ivan Head was a special assistant to Trudeau on foreign policy ○ "Kissinger of the North"  There is a slight connection to Henry Kissinger (U.S.) because he was an advisor to Nixon and… so was Ivan Head. □ He was working outside traditional areas.  The big deal about this guy was that he was "making" foreign policy.  Sending this special assistant in place of an external affairs minister or foreign affairs minister was undercutting tradition. ○ The problem with Ivan Head?  He's unelecte
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