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SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 November 16, 2011 Themes of Lorber & Martin: 1. Bodily differences between men and women are social. 2. Naming, depicting and promoting of images of women are done by powerful, privileged men. 3. Resisting cultural pressures is not “acceptable.”  Subversive act. Clip on Feminism – -END FEMINIST THEORY- Globalization Theory Globalization: Spread of worldwide practices, relations, consciousness and organization of social life.  Studies transnational processes that flow in many directions, which are autonomous and independent of any nation.  Developed out of a critique of Western mentality; overemphasis on West. Note – Things that were not part of the West became inferior. Note – People are changing as a result of transnational flows.  eg) Political, economic, social realm. Flow: Movement of anything, and everything, back and forth. 3 Realms of Globalization: 1. Globalization of Culture a. Homogenization of culture.  eg) One global culture – Western culture.  Power is at play in understanding culture and cultural dynamics. b. Heterogeneity of Culture - Looks at how a variety of cultures can create a series of hybrid cultures.  ie) Mixing of cultures. 2. Globalization of Economics  Divergence from theory and movement towards moral implications.  Global worth becomes global understanding on the value of things. 
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