ARBUS200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Nordstrom, Dollarama

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2 Aug 2016
7th Class
Market Share Leader: offer powerful/efficient solutions that enable market dominance
oGoogle, Walmart
Quality leader: customers are willing to pay a premium knowing they are getting a
better product/service
oNordstrom, Dyson
Innovation Leader: being first to the market with new products and/or major
innovations on existing products
oDyson, Sony,
Variety Leader: offering a myriad of solutions to a better address a need
oCoca Cola
Service Leader: offer exceptional service to support a product or building a powerful
service that is unique and valuable
oHarry Rosen, MEC
Technology Leader: recognized the ability to introduce value through technology
oGeneral Electric, Google
Flexibility Leader: have it your way, developed a product exactly as you want it
oHarvey’s, Subway
Relationship Leader: develops a strong relationship with the customer base
oStatefarm, TD Canada
Prestige Leader: value is helping others look like they’ve made it
Knowledge Leader: source for important, relevant, accurate information
oGoogle, Universities
Global Leader: the world is their oyster
oCoca Cola, IBM, auto makers, Samsung
Bargain leader: simple, works, cheap, typically not a brand carrier
oDollarama, No Frills
Value Leader: brand names for less
Integrity Leader: recognized for honesty and putting values ahead of profit: something
critical to the target audience
oAll State, Enron
Social responsibility Leader: provide a product/service of value and also serve an
additional/meaningful purpose through their values
oToms, Ten Tree
Group Activity
Filter Queen
oMarketing like Dyson
oReinvent company by making it easier to use
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