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Lecture 3

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BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

Lecture 3September1512Nucleic Acid Structure and HybridizationDNA and RNA structureLearning objectivesExplain the chemical forces determining DNA structureHow does it store and retrieve informationChemical forces tell you what you can and cannot doDescribe how base pairs can be identified in the major groove based on Hbond donors and acceptorsDNA uses its base pairs to show the cell how it is identifiedDescribe the conformational features of A B and Z DNA structures and when each structure occurs in vivoHow they are present and how they can formChemical BondsCovalent strongAtoms within individual molecule are held together in the molecule bysharing electronsin their out atomic orbitalBecause they share there are regions that are potentially greater then othersCan be nonpolar or polar depends on electronegativityIn a polar covalent bond atoms involved get partial charges or This allows them tohydrogen bondDo not change in water why is this importantNoncovalentIonicWithin individual molecule and between oppositely charged ions huge difference in electronegativityComplete transfer of electronsInherit charge in a given atomWeak in water therefore they dissociateNoncovalentHydrogen Bonds most important bond in DNAPolarity H atom covalentlyattached to a very electronegative atom N O or Pdonors has a partial positive chargePartially positive H could be attracted by another electronegative atom acceptor and it can form a weak hydrogen bond with itThe slight polarity allows these atoms to find each otherProvide the hydrogen is the donorand it gives a partial positivecharge the negativecharge is the acceptorAccumulation of these small forces makes it strong however water weakens this processNote thehydrogen molecule does NOT move NOTES FROM LECTURES Page 1
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