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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - DNA Polymerase - BIOL308.pdf

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BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

Lecture 11DNA polymeraseEnzyme responsible for synthesis of new DNA strandsDiscovered by Arthur KornbergSome of DNA Pol I mutants were viable and made DNA at nromal ratesnot major enzyme for DNA replication in vivoResulted in identification of 4 additional polymerases Most important for replicationDNA Pol III key enzyme catalyzes synthesis of DNA from RNA primersDNA Pol II involved in repairDNA Pol IIILarge complex protein composed of 10 different polypeptidesCore polymerasecomposed of three subunits active site for nucleotide addition in 53 direction35 exonucleaseactivity that proofreads removes incorrectly added datafunction still unclearsubunit functions as a clamp it associates with core at 3 end of the growing strand increases the processivity of polymeraseThe rest of subunits shared by two core polymerasesForm Complex involved in opening and closing of the clampLoads subunit onto DNA template ATP requiredUnloads subunitComplex includes two copies of subunit Which help dimerization of two core polymerases35 is exonuclease activity the proofreading and removal of mistakesDNA polymerase 3 haloenzyme has 2 core polymerases35 exonucleaolytic proofreading contributes to high fidelity of DNA synthesisRNase HH stands for hybridRemovesRNA wherever this is an RNA DNA hybrid but it cannot remove the last ribonucleotideRnase has 53 prime exonuclease activityRemoves most of RNA primers nucleotidesexcept the last one which is directly linked to DNA auxiliary role mostly if longer primersDNA Pol IAlso removes ribonucleotidesIncluding those directly linked to the DNA NOTES FROM LECTURES Page 1
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