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Lecture 31 - Ribosomes - BIOL308.pdf

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BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

Lecture 31RibsomesRibsome is a complex of rRNAs and proteinsthat directs elongation of a proteinSynthesis incorporation of 35 AAsecSubunits of ribosome are designated in svedberg units SNamed after inventor of ultracentrifugeS is a measure of sedimentation rate velocity of suspended particles when centrifuged under constant conditionsVelocity depends on both size AND shape of the particle131S10sIt is a good measure of relative sizeif one is comparing same types of molecules Larger S valuefaster sedimentation velocityRibosomes differ between prokaryotes and eukaryotesThe assembled ribosome has three tRNA binding sitesA site1Incoming Aminoacylated tRNAs bindP site2Where growing polypeptide chain is usually foundPlace for PeptydyltRNAE site3Exit siteThey are placed in the cleft of the small subunitThey contain adjacent codons that are being translated into AATranslationMechanism of protein synthesis can be divided into three stagesInitiationthe assembly of a complete ribsome on a mRNA molecule at a correct pointElongation repeated cycles of amino acid additionTermination the release of the new protein chainLots of factors involvedIFEF prokaryotic initiation and elongation factorseIFeEF eukaryotic initiation and elongation factorsDifferences in details NOTES FROM LECTURES Page 1
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