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BIOL 371
Heidi Engelhardt

Module 2 – CNS - Development of Human CNS 1 o 4 weeks  Ant end of neural tube  three regions  forebrain, midbrain, hind brain o 6 weeks  Forebrain  Diencephalon  Cerebrum  Hindbrain  Pons  Oblongata  Medulla  Cerebellum o 11 weeks  Rapid growth of cerebrum o Birth  Cerebrum covers most of other brain region  Convoluted surface (growth in confined space) - Mammalian CNS surrounded by meninges - Organization of adult CNS o Protection  surrounded by bony cage, three layers of CT and CSF o Ventricles with CSF  2 lateral, 2 descending  extend to brain stem  CSF continuous with central canal of spinal cord o CSF secreted by choroid plexus  Provides ECF for neurons of CNS  Compared to blood, CSF -  LOWER K, Ca, HCO 3 glucose, pH, RBC, protein o Presence of RBC in CSF suggests infection  SIMILAR Na+  Reabasorbed into venous blood by arachnoid villi - Glial Cells of CNS o Oligodendrocytes  WHITE MATTER (myelin sheath within CNS) o Microglia -> Scavengers (phagocytic immune cell) o Astrocytes  regulate ECF via release of chemicals o Ependymal  create barriers - BBB o Lipid soluble molecules cross easily o Hydrophilic only if specific transporters/carriers are present  AA, Ions, peptide/proteins o Block drugs and stuff - Neural Tissue o Unable to switch to anaerobic metabolism  AEROBIC ONLY o O2readily crosses BBB o CNS capillaries express high level of glucose transporters o Brain  50% body glucose consumption  15% CO received  Dependent on blood flow (O and glucose) 2 - Spinal Cord o Major pathway between CNS & skin/joint/muscle o 4 regions, divided into segments  each segment has a pair of spinal nerves  White matter  myelintated axons  Tracts  bundles of axons connecting CNS regions  Grey matte
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