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University of Waterloo
Judah Oudshoorn

ENGL210F – Module 1: Introduction (May 3, 2012) My Team: My Section: 06 My TA: Mohsen Hosseini ([email protected]) Introduction Video: “Hello, my name is Bob Clapperton, and I’d like to welcome you to ENGL 210F, Genres of Business Communication. I’ll be your instructor for the next 12 weeks. ENGL210F will introduce you to the major genres of business writing as well as help develop your professional writing skills in terms of critical thinking elements such as audience analysis, purpose and scope, but also style. By the end of the course you will have developed a clear, concise and coherent writing style that will serve you well as you begin your career. We will cover all the major business genres, from memos to emails, from informal reports to formal reports, but we will also cover the rhetorical theory necessary to persuade, to develop an argument, to deliver bad news, to provide information and request action effectively. The course is heavily geared toward practice. Each week you will read a chapter or two in the textbook and view a brief lecture presentation designed to augment the material in the textbook. In some cases, the lectures add new material, and in others it summarizes the textbook material. Each week, you are required to complete a workshop designed to give you practice applying some of the skills and concepts you are learning in the textbook and through the lectures. The workshops are dovetailed to the modules so it is not a good idea to work too far ahead. It is important that you keep up with the readings as they are the basis of all workshop activities, assignments and the final exam. The workshops are marked for completion – if you complete the workshop with appropriate effort, you will receive full marks. Once you have submitted the workshop activity, you will be able to see the correct or suggested answers for the problem. The workshops are important because they allow you to gauge your progress in the course, and they give you instant feedback. Throughout the term, beginning in Week 5, you will complete a series of four assignments, details of which can be found in the “Activities andAssignments” folder in the Course tab. The assignments ask you to analyze a case and to produce a business document. The final assignment is a formal proposal done in groups where you will learn collaborative writing skills applicable to the real world. Formal proposals and reports are rarely written by an individual – the ability to write as part of a team is a crucial skill to master. For this assignment, the first step is to find out what team you’re on. If you go to the Communicate tab and click “My team list” you will find out your team number. Then, if you go to the “Communicating with my Instructor” section of the syllabus you will find out who your TAis. The “Communicate” tab also includes a section for discussion forums. You have a discussion forum for asking your TAquestions, where you can ask about content, assignments, due dates, and anything else that concerns you. You also have a discussion forum called “Ask the Instructor” if you want to ask me questions directly. Try to make sure that when you post questions to this board, you include a subject line that is very clear so that other students can read
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