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24 September 2012 The German Democratic Republic Communism (Marxism) Soviet Union  Centres on the working classes  Stalin used it as a means to create an (proletariat), regardless of nationality empire  Claims equality of races and individuals  Anti-Semitism was still rampant  Equally antagonistic to all regions throughout the nation  Claims to be rational by nature  Many communist states have used the  Against capitalism, because it exploits same bland, uniform style as opposed to contemporary artistic styles workers  In favour of technological progress since it would make work easier Marxism-Leninism  Neutral in regard to artistic forms and  “Vanguard Party” it would styles simultaneously establish a dictatorship of the proletariat; supported by the  Ideally leads to harmony without working class, the vanguard party would exploitation; gladly helping others lead the revolution to depose the without reward incumbent Tsarist government, and transfer government power to the working class. 24 September 2012 The Rape Epidemic  Red Army – after the German armed forces had surrendered, the part of Germany under Soviet Union occupation was split roughly in half and one part was allocated for temporary Polish administration.  The communist Polish administrators of the occupied territories as a consequence did little to protect the German population from Polish and Soviet rapists. "Even the Soviets expressed shock at the Poles’ behavior. Polish soldiers stated one report, 'relate to German women as to free booty'."  At the end of World War II, Red Army soldiers are estimated to have raped around 2,000,000 German women and girls. Many of these victims were raped repeatedly. o Antony Beevor estimates that up to half the victims were victims of gang rapes.  As a result, according to the book Berlin: The Downfall, 1945 by Beevor, some 90% of raped Berlin women in 1945 had venereal diseases as results of these consequential rapes and 3.7% of all children born in Germany from 1945 to 1946 had Soviet fathers. o The history behind this particular rape of the German women by the Soviet troops was considered a taboo topic until 1992.  Soviet union generals were individualistic: some had encouraged their men to rape, some did not participate but did not stop their soldiers from raping, and others would rather have their men dead than see them do such atrocities.  They considered women “cardinal booties” since they felt they were liberating Europe. Binge Drinking  The Soviet Union soldiers were caught up in binge drinking to repress the hardship and anger of losing the situation.  They would get completely shit-faced that the soviet gov’t had to put up anti-alcoholism campaigns.  But since it brought in so much income, the campaigns were very half-hearted.  Stalin was super paranoid and would off any one he considered a threat to his plan.  Social-democratic merged with communist party (1936).  There was no official currency exchange for Eastern Germany money o Can’t go to bank and exchange; they have to go to the border.  West Germany = milk is a sign of  East Germany = the Airlift to West Berlin— democracy. a peace-threatening provocation of the imperialist Western Powers. States of the German Federal Republic (East Germany)  Parliamentary democracy  Centralized system  Division into districts (Bezirke)  Council of Ministers (head of government)  President (head of state until 1960)  Council of State (head of state after 1960)  Unicameral parliament (one house): the elected People’s  Chamber [Volkskammer] 24 September 2012 The “National Front” “Warum gibt es in der DDR keine Opposition?” [“Why is there no Opposition in the GDR?”]. “All parties, and the other social forces of the GDR, now set themselves the goal of continually improving the
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