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Management Sciences
MSCI 411
Shannon Hartling

ARBUS204LeadershipTeamsandCommunicationLecture2TA Alaganganiuwaterlooca office hours TBAKeys to SuccessKeep up with the readings be prepared to ask questions and grapple with complex conceptsBe prepared to engage in discussion in complex ideasBe prepared to work outside of class and meet with your partner and teamOriginal Model is based upon the notion that communication is action where the speaker conveys an idea to the receiver Better model is communication as interaction This model recognizes that the speaker has something to say codes it sends the message to the receiver who receives it and then sends back a feedback message Reflective of what happens in email communication This model assumes that while acting as a send you are the only communicator and sending it out in code it is not synchronous Leads to misinterpretation of email messages there is less communication material to work with Communication as Transactionbest model we haveCommunicator 1Communicator 2 context makes this look like a ven diagramHas messages codes that are simultaneously going back and forthEach communicator has their own contextenvironment context is partially physical and includes the space we occupy context is anything that surrounds our communication event If we are in the same room we share the physical part of our context but if we dont exist in the same physical space we are outside of each others shared physical context The shared context space is where communication happens most easily The more shared context the more information we have and the richer our communication isContext also involves our knowledge expectations moods things that happened to us today that are going to affect our communication event This becomes painfully obvious when communicating with someone who doesnt speak the same language resulting in speaking more loudly or gesturing The more shared knowledge we have the larger the intersecting space will be High context communication tends to be less verbal and more inside jokes gestures and expressionsThe larger the shared context the easier it is to communicate in a complex way with many channelsNoise also gets in the way of this diagramnoise is stuff that gets in the way of the clear communication of messages between communicators Part of this noise is physical physical noise outside the communicatorsstuff outside of you that limit you from getting the communication but also involves not being able to se Physiological Noise originates in our bodies cant hear or is sick and cant see Biggest problem though is
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