MSCI211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Msci, Job Satisfaction

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MSCI 211 Chapter #1 (Lecture #3)
1. When people get more power they are more dishonest, pro social, risk-taking
2. Happy workers are more productive workers. False (in general), we must distinguish between
happiness and job satisfaction. Workers who are satisfied with their work ARE MORE PRODUCTIVE
3. Highly cohesive groups are also highly productive. False in general
4. People in a bad mood process information more deeply than people in a good mood. True
5. What of the following is the best way to motivate someone to do well on an exam? Tell them they
should aim to get 90% of the items correct, people need specific goal
6. Which of the following is the best predictor of how successful a person will be in 10 years (their
salary, position, ect)? How long they can sit at a table with a cookie in front of them without eating
it. This is because these kids had better self-control and restraint and chose to wait bigger reward
later (2 cookies) instead of 1 cookie then.
OB looks beyond common sense; it’s a systematic study:
Examines relationships
Tries to attribute causes and effects we want to attribute certain things to others like job
satisfaction because of good leadership for example.
Bases conclusions on scientific evidence
1. On data gathered under controlled conditions
2. Data is measured and interpreted in reasonably rigorous manner
Note: NOTHING IS ALWAYS. Results can be the majority of the time, or often, but, never ALWAYS
Behaviour IS NOT random
There ARE consistencies in behaviour (not quite like physics) but still
Causality is at best probabilistic like we can say “in these cases people are more likely to
be productive”
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find more resources at
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