MSCI211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Msci, Behavioural Sciences, Job Satisfaction

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MSCI 211 - Chapter #1 Notes
Organization – is a consciously coordinated social unit, made up of a group of people
who work together on common goals on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a set
What is OB?
Organizational Behavior – A field of study that investigates the impact of individuals,
groups, and structure on behavior within organizations.
OB is an applied behavioral science built on pieces from: psychology, sociology, social
psychologist, anthropology, and political science.
 Psychology is on the micro level of analysis
 Others have contributed more to other macro concepts like group processes and
OB’s Goals
 OB’s goal is:
1. To understand and predict human behavior in organizations
2. Apply that knowledge toward improving organizations’ effectiveness.
OB’s main goal is to improve organizational effectiveness. Two factors that contribute
to improving organizational effectiveness are:
1. Organizational Commitment – The degree to which an employee identifies with the
organization and wishes to remain with them.
How likely employees are to remain with an organization (also how much they care
for the organization)
2. Job performance – how well employees do on the job
Recall: organizational effectiveness is one of the goals of OB
The Rigor of OB
Behavior IS NOT random
There ARE consistencies in behavior (not quite like physics) but still
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find more resources at
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