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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

Class 4 NotesReview 1 Radical Trajectory o A route of something o Theres a definable arch or progression that is going on through history o This trajectory for Christians has two important layersthemes to it 1 Creation outer reality or phenomenon that you can see and experience things that have effected Christianity ex history 2 Inner spirituality Inner formation that the entire Christian community goes through and that every Christian individual goes through Your individual relationship with God o Theres an invitation to encounters these realities and its countering the bad things Peacemaking is sometimes the peacemaking of positive proactive movements as well as countering or redeeming and reclaiming movements2 Ethics o For peacemaking what type of ethical approach does a Christian take o Three categories of ethics that are useful in reflecting on Christian peacemaking 1 Deontology duty rules obligationsKantthe categorical imperative you set any principle so that if you adopt the principle you are ready to make that principle universal for all peopleExample of a deontological Christian ethic view love your
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