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Lecture 5

Week 5 – Responses to Culture in CR Theory .docx

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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 327
Nathan Funk

Week 5Responses to Culture in CR Theory Starting Point for Cultural Analysis continuedHigh Context and Low context o The extent to which people feel their messages should be either explicitly put into words or how much they feel ought to be communicated and understood directly or indirectlyA lot of this is done to reduce loss of faceLoss of faceloss of respecto General Communication Orientation of Highcontext and LowContext culturesHigh most of the information is internalized and indirect Often the message isnt right there and you have to read between the lines more Relationships first then instrumentalnonverbal communication emphasized contextual implied meaning Indirect covert Implicit message Reactions reservedLow most of the information is externalized and direct want to get down to business quickly and build relationships after instrumental is dealt withVerbal communication emphasized Specific literal meaning Direct overt Explicit message Reactions on the surface o Different Ways of Communicating Thomas and InksonCodes systems of signs in which each sign signifies a particular idea Language systems textualformal idiomaticConventions agreedupon norms about how when and in what contextcodes will be usedPage 86 Directindirect explicitimplicit Meaning of silence Touching Distance Facial expressions Eye contact
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