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COMM 292
Kejia Zhu

PART 1 UNDERSTANDING THE WORKPLACE Chapter 3 Values Attitudes and Diversity in the WorkplaceVALUES valuesconceptsbeliefs that guide how we make decisions aboutevaluations of behaviours events stable enduring Rokeach Value Survey Milton Rokeach divided values into 2 sets each has 18 value items terminal valuesgoals that individuals would like to achieve during their lifetimedesirable endstates of existence instrumental valuespreferable ways of behavingmeans for achieving terminal valuesppl in same categories or occupations tend to hold similar values ethicsstudy of moral values or principles that guide our behaviour and inform us whether actions are rightwrong moral judgment eg lack of moralbusiness scandalsASSESSING CULTURAL VALUES Global Leadership and Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness GLOBE research program discovered 9 dimensions on which national cultures differ extent to which a society encourages people to be tough confrontational Assertiveness assertive competitive VS modest tenderHofstedes quantityoflife dimension extent to which society encourages and rewards futureoriented behaviours Future Orientation planning investing in the future delaying gratificationHofstedes longtermshortterm orientation Gender Differentiation extent to which society maximizes gender role differences societys reliance on social norms and procedures to alleviate the Uncertainty Avoidance unpredictability of future events Power Distance extent to which members of society expect power to be unequally shared Individualismextent to which individuals are encouraged by societal institutions to be Collectivism integrated into groups within organizations and society extent to which members of society take pride in membership in small groups Ingroup Collectivism family circle of close friends organizations in which theyre employed extent to which society encourages and rewards group members for Performance Orientation performance improvement and excellence extent to which society encourages and rewards individuals for being fair Humane Orientation altruistic generous caring kind to others Hofstedes qualityoflife dimension
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