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ENGL 112: January 23, 2013

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ENGL 112
Peter Mahon

ENGL 112: Strategies in University Writing January 23, 2013 The final exam will be an essay type question relating to the course package Stanford Prison Experience (Phillip Zimbardo):  If you are told you cannot have it, you want it more  Power only seems to relevant destruction  Trying to recreate the psychological experience of being a prisoner  Determine how prisoners become prisoner and guards become guards  In a prison it is difficult to determine if there are psychological issues or personality defects etc. that can not be controlled in a real prison  Prisoners that populated the prison had gone through psychological evaluations and weeded out people with psychological issues (only normal participants were accepted)  Wanted to determine if the prison will produce changes in the people o Groups were composed of homogenous people (same types of people)  Zimbardo was incorporated/taking a role within his own experiment  Prisons and concentration camps in this article have been connected (similarities)  Dehumanisation and immasculinity was trying to be reproduces in the prisoners in the study o It is difficult to do this when subjects know the term (length of the study) o Try to rob subjects of their identity through uniforms and structure of the study  Give the subjects feminine clothing, and the same hair colour  Zimbardo related wearing pieces of clothing with ways of acting or behaving o Prisoners wore clothing like dresses and started to walk and move in way that were more feminine  Prisoner had to ask for everything, even simple things, creating helplessness and childlike behaviour  Guards were able to put up with smells of the prison, because they felt like they have the power to do so  Once a prisoner is in the prison, the past has been wiped away, no family, fr
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