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ENGL 222 V6A Notes Mar 25

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

March 25, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature FINAL EXAM DETAILS  Open book, open note  25% of final grade  Section 1: o 10 / 25% - questions to briefly answer  Questions on in class material and lecture on in-class material (close reading of in-class material)  Hand-out content  Hand-out content posted on VISTA  downloadable files  > 10 questions, some are ½ point each  Complete quickly, as long as prepared  Re-read material, organized in such a way that info can be accessed really quickly  Print out notes on laptop  Print out hand-outs  Section 2: o 15/ 25% - PIE paragraph  Will post 3 questions on VISTA, 2 will show up on final exam, will write on one  Question / Answer to question itself becomes P of PIE  All writing for this section must be completed in class  From memory, or in class  New, no repeating arguments  Close reading to position P has to come from 3 unique texts from course  1 must be on Vancouver  Try not to close read the same thing o Show coverage  Can bring in PIE from VISTA  This week: we can give suggestions to Duffy about what the topics should be!  Email Duffy if you want to see him before the final exam – office hours o Or email questions! V6A  First 3 digits of postal code of DTES?  Foreword p. vii, Gary Geddes o Question of “where is home?” haunts him  Part of what this collection is about  Northrop Frey’s question of Canadian identity, where is here?  Locational identity – huge part of Canadian literature  Where is home? For Citizens / residents of DTES  P. 1 o Preamble: “mapmaker’s job is to take the reality of the world and squeeze them into a 2D drawing…”  Mapping the stories of the DTES  – Google map of the DTES  Individual pictures, stories, audio clips o Gives depth to 2D map  Hearing stories inspired by very specific location  “To do this, the cartographer has to decide what to leave in and what to leave out…”  Captain Vancouver had to make these decisions o Making sounding charts o Finding the Northwest Passage o To attach European names to places to make it more familiar o Left out indigenous names to places  Resilience of those names? – We still have some indigenous names to places in Vancouver  What would a myth map of Canada / Vancouver look like?  Post-colonial studies  Colonize place with language as colonizing place with force o Bringing in diff. language sets and names  New recent map: creative and imaginative o Playing with maps, to make dresses?  Intimacy of place  How is it learned?  How is it implied?  Why call what they are doing intimacy? o How does that inform of the places that they are in?  By calling these versions of the DTES intimate, experience produ
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