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Lecture 5

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PHIL 101
Christopher Stephens

Philosophy 101 NotesThe Problem of EvilThe First Formulation of the Argument from EvilP1 if god exists God is all powerful knowinggood pkgP2 if an all pkg god exists there would be no evil P3 there is evil C god doesnt exist If you disagree with conclusion one or more premises must be false You could possibly believeargue1st premise is false bc God is not all pkg 2nd premise is wrong bc even even if an all pkg god exists there is still evil in the world there would be no more evil than the amount needed to teach us a lesson The 3rd FormulationP1 if god exists God is all powerful knowinggood pkgP2 if an all pkg god exists there is no more evil whatever is necessary for character building teaching us a lessonas a result of human freedom P3 there is more evil than the minimumC god doesnt exist First 3 Important Theories Discussed in ClassCosmologicalDesignOntological EpistemologyKnows Evidence RationalEpistemology is the study of these conceptsPhilosophical Skepticismdoubtdeny that we have much if any knowledge In order to know some claim P it must be impossible to be mistaken about PIts always possible to be mistaken about P for all a posteriori claimsHence one doesnt know any a posteriori P Necessary vs Sufcient conditionsJustied True Belief JTBAccount of KnowledgeFor any subject Sany proposition P S knows that P ifonly ifS believes PP is trueS is justied in believing that P It is impossible for S to be mistaken in believing that P12 are not sufcient for knowledge Why notto rule out lucky guesses because true beliefs without evidence dont count as knowledge believing truth for the wrong reasons doesnt count as knowledge like being persuaded by a smooth talking lawyer
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