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Psychology 101: Lecture 30

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PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #30 - November 21, 2012 Wednesday, November 21, 2012 11:01 AM SLIDE #3 • Majority of people have trouble sleeping, don't sleep enough • Sleep problems increase stress level and tiredness SLIDE #4 • Sleep is a basic biological function • EEG measures brain waves, while sleeping or during activities SLIDE #5 • Beta waves are associated with engaging brain activity (awake) • Alpha waves are associated with a sleepy state (feeling tired) 1. Stage 1: theta wave are associated with starting to sleep, feeling exhausted 2. Stage 2: sleep spindles and k complexes help keep you asleep a. Set of mechanisms that suppress consciousness 3. Stage 3: delta waves are associated with deep sleep a. Frequency more than 50% movement or change b. Disoriented and cranky 4. Stage 4: sawtooth waves show REM sleep, fast, random sleep SLIDE #6 • Rapid eye movement (REM): eyes are moving while sleeping ○ Sleep stage at which dreams occur ○ High frequency brain waves, darting eye movements ○ Increased heart rate, breathing rate • Most often a person goes through all stages in 1.5 hours • Most of the deep sleep is early, most of REM sleep later on SLIDE #8 • Body starts to weaken with sl
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