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Media and Communication Studies
MACS 110
Sherry Yu

MACS 110: Introduction to Communication Theories Prof: Sherry Yu University of the Fraser Valley Fall 2013 Term Week 5: Mass Society Theory  1930s-1940  Is media widespread and have negative effects on society?  Success of political propaganda is evidence Limited Effects Theory  Is media influence limited?  Measured impact on individuals  Empirical research methods used during political campaigns to determine effectiveness  Constructed based on date collection and analysis Empirical Research  Government and private funding  Influence assessed based on empirical facts  Developed primarily by methodologists, not theorists Survey  Conduct surveys to find out what actions people are taking and why they are taking them  Argued political campaigns are naturally occurring  Paul Lazarsfeld at Columbia o Researched on employment in Austria o Came to US in 1930s o Head of Bureau of Applied Social Research  Erie County Study o Lazarsfeld o Conducted in 1940 every month from May to Noember o Assess how specific media content influence votes o 600/300 selected to be in panel o Media simply reinforces the individual’s opinion already made o Focus was on floating voters  Seemed to be most influenced by media  Less educated, informed  Apathetic  Less likely to use media for politics  More likely to be influenced by others  Two-Step Flow o Info and influence goes from media to opinion le
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