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Lecture 6

ADM 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Giant Tiger, Dollarama, Cash Cow

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ADM 1101
Paula Sauveur

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Core competencies:
- Air canada (flying safely, reliable and customer service)
Vertical integration:
- Grow by concentrating on a certain market place to take them out, or buy then out
- Apple (started by a market place then created stores)
What is a problem with vertical integration
- MacDonald’s buying farms (had to invest a lot), might take money away
Horizontal Integration:
- Bell buying out tellastat
- Doing new things that are not related to your business statement
Cash cow (Rogers)
- Always getting in money
- Google, higher market share
Question marks:
- Have high growth rates and low market share
- Low growth rate and high market share
Competitive Advantage:
-Quality: Mercedes, tesla (differentiates from competitors)
- Keeps customers coming back
-Design thinking: look and feel of product (apple), tesla
Social Media:
- Make it client centric
- Targeted to individual
Michael Porter: 5 Competitive Forces
1. Threat of New Entrants (amazon to book stores)
a. Uber for taxi business
2. Threat of substitutes
3. Bargaining Power of buyers
a. Buyer shouldn’t have the advantage
b. Apple jacking up prices
4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
a. If there is few suppliers you can hold advantage
5. Current Rivalry
a. How competitive is the industry
b. Grocery stores are competitive because they mostly all carry the same brands
c. Search engines, no competition for google (yahoo is gone)
Competitive Strategies:
Cost leadership strategy (Walmart, Costco, dollarama, H&M, giant tiger)
Differentiation Strategy: (be a unique competitor)
Focus Stategy: focusing on specific segment
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