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Module 3 Notes ADM1370

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Umar Ruhi

Module 3 Notes Session 1 Database Management Systems Data and InformationData raw facts that describe the characteristics of an eventInformation data converted into a meaningful and useful contextDatabasemaintains information about various types of objects inventory events transactions people employees and places warehouses Data vs Information an ExampleRaw Datao Shares exchanged in the stock marketInformationo How did a particular stock perform during the last 6 month o How did it perform compare to other stocksImportance of Data ManagementData is everywhere in an organizationData have become central and even vital to organizationsOrganizations need to manage their data assets very carefully to make sure that the data are easily accessed by managers and employees across the organizationTransactional Data and Analytical InformationData ManagementData management is a structured approach for capturing storing processing integrating distributing securing and archiving data effectively throughout their life cycle Why does data management matterNo enterprise can be effective without high quality data that is accessible when needed Organizations with at least 1000 knowledge workers lose57 million annually in time wasted by employees reformatting data as they move among applications What is the goal of data managementTo provide the infrastructure and tools to transform raw data into usable information of the highest quality Data PrinciplesPrinciple of diminishing data valuePrinciple of 9090 data usePrinciple of data in context Data Management ChallengesVolume of data is increasing exponentially Data is scattered throughout the organizationData is created and used offline without going through quality control checksData may be redundant and outofdate creating a huge maintenance problem File OrganizationFile Group of records of same type Record Group ofrelated fields Field Group ofwords or a completenumber Byte Group of bitsthat represents asingle character Bit Smallest unit of data binary digit 01Traditional standalone File EnvironmentWhen organizations began using computers they started with one application at a time usually accounting billing and payroll Each app was designed to be a standalone system which led to data problems 2 MODULE 3 NOTES
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