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Lecture 13

ADM2320 Lecture 13: Untitled13

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University of Ottawa
Gurprit Kindra

—> Drugstores: specialty store, health & personal grooming products, pharmaceuticals —> Off-Price retailer: inconsistent assortment of merchandise, low prices (Extreme-value retailer: general merchandise discount store) —> Discount: a broad variety, limited service, low prices —> Services retailer: primarily sell services rather than merchandise Retail strategy (Services Marketing) i. Physical Environment - the appearance of the place, vehicles, equipment, printed materials, and other visible cues, which provide tangible evidence of a firm’s service quality. ii. People – contact personnel who have a direct impact on customers perceive service quality. iii. Process - the means by which the firm creates and delivers product elements. How a firm does things. c. Developing a retail strategy i. Product (merchandise assortment) —> Providing the right mix of merchandise and services ii. Price —> Price defines the value of both the merchandise and the service provided iii. Place —> Convenience is a key ingredient to success iv. Promotion —> Retailers use a wide variety of promotions, both within their retail environment & through mass media Physical Environment - Presentation (Store Design & Display) —> Unusual & exciting store atmospheres —> Promote & showcase what the store has to offer (Displays are an important type of promotion) —> The goal is to improve ‘shopability’ People - Personnel 
 —> Personal selling & customer service representatives are also part of the overall promotional package —> Retail associates provide more value to their best customers (Provide information and facilitate the sale) —> Augmented by technology: in-store kiosks, Internet, self-checkout lanes The wheel of retailing: Benefits Provided by Different Channels: Effective multichannel retailing —> Role of Brands, Using Technology, Increasing Share of Wallet, Gaining Insight into customer shopping behaviours e.g, What type of retailer concentrates on a limited number of complementary merchandise categories in relatively small stores? A)discount stores B)department stores C)specialty stores D)category specialists e.g, What type of retailer offers an inconsistent assortment of merchandise at relatively low prices? A) off-price retailer B)specialty store C)discount store D) department store e.g, Consumers who shop at ____ typically buy more than those who shop at other retailers. A)brick and mortar retailers B) multichannel retailers C)Internet retailers D)specialty stores Chapter 12: Distribution Channels Place (3th P) in Marketing Mix (Place or distribution channel) —> Location and hours
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