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ADM2336 - Chapter 13 Conflict and Stress

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Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 13 Conflict and Stress November2411 1000 AM What is Conflict Involves antagonistic attitudes and behaviours y Interpersonal conflict the process that occurs when one person group or organizational subunit yfrustrates the goal attainment of another Causes of conflicty o Ex You identify with one group more than another departmento When theres very high cohesion there may be more conflict between groups o Ambiguity o Scarcity if only one of them can get the necessary resources to continue on a project o Differences in power status and culture o Significance difference in power and status o Dont know what your goals are individually and as a group dont know what to do o People having different opinion o Scarce resources will cause conflict the one with the strongest proposalTypes of conflicty o conflict in relating to someone elseRelationshipo Task Conflict related to divergence on what needs to be done What the goals are and what the output is o Process disagreements on how the work should be done Conflict Dynamics progression that escalates the conflictWhen conflict begins a number of events transpire y oNow individual are disagreeing in what winning the conflict becomes most importantshould be done o The parties conceal information from each other or distort it You conceal info from other Might have info that might help others but wont do it o Each side becomes more cohesive o Contact with the opposite party is discouraged o The opposite party is negatively stereotyped while the image of ones own position is boosted o More aggressive people who are skilled at engaging in conflict may emerge as leader Individuals who gain or prominent are the ones that will encourage the conflict o When there is a conflict it tends to escalade Theres a tendency to escalade because the above thing emphasize it Approaches to Managing Organizations ConflictExhibit 131conflict is not dealt with Not being proactive to find a solutionLow assertiveness low Avoiding ycooperationo Ex When its not worth it then you can avoid it If it seems trivial When tempers are flared When information is lacking Your opponent is very powerful and very hostileIf they are very powerful you cant get very far no need to be cooperative because they are just going to do what they are going to doo Sometimes its a sensible solutionoWhen its not worth it and the issue is trivial
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