ANP 1105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Adipocyte, Stress (Mechanics), Epiglottis

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ANP1105 – Lecture 5
Types of Connective Tissue
1. Mesenchyme: first tissue formed from mesoderm germ layer - mesenchymal cells +
fluid ground substance & fine fibrils source of all other CTs
2. CT Proper: 2 subclasses
a. Loose CT (areolar, adipose, reticular)
b. Dense CT (dense regular, dense irregular, elastic)
1. Loose Connective Tissue
a. Areolar CT: gel-like matrix with all 3 fiber types; cells = fibroblasts, macrophages,
mast cells, & some WBCs
Description: loose arrangement of fibers which provides reservoir of water & salts but is
also a prime site of edema during inflammatory reaction
Function: wraps and cushions organs; its macrophages phagocytize bacteria; plays role in
inflammation; holds and conveys tissue fluid
Location: widely distributed under epithelia of body – ex. wraps small blood vessels &
nerves, surrounds glands
• Supporting and binding other tissues (job of fibers)
• Holding body fluids (ground substance’s role)
• Defending against infection and inflammation (activity of white blood cells and
• Storing nutrients (in fat cells)
• “areola” – a small open space
• Forms subcutaneous tissue
• Contains fibroblasts –actively mitotic fiber cells
• Loose arrangement of tissue – provides a reservoir of water and salt
b. Adipose Tissue: areolar CT modified to store nutrients; adipocytes
Description: fat-filled adipocytes with displaced nuclei; do not reproduce; scanty matrix
Function: fuel reservoir, insulation against heat loss, supports & protects organs
Location: under skin in subcutaneous, around kidneys & eyeballs, in bones & within
abdomen, in breasts; 18% of average wt (15% ♂ & 22% ♀)
• Develops where areolar tissue is plentiful
• Insulation, stores nutrients, & shock absorber
• Adipocytes
o Fat tissue
o Contain a pure fat droplet, displaces nucleus
o Highly vascularized – high metabolic activity
o Closely packed cells – little matrix (chicken wire appearance)
o Stores nutrients
• Brown fat
o Consumes its stored nutrients to generate heat to warm the body
o Occurs in babies who lack the ability to produce their own heat through shivering
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