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Simplified Review of Topic 1 of Drugs 101

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Biopharmaceutical sciences
William Ogilvie

BPS 1101TOPIC 1HISTORY OF DRUGS Most improvements to health life expectancy increases from 3040 years occurred 150 years ago 1850 Improvements 1 Improved sanitationpeople were in close proximity to human wasteno outhouses in citiesif cesspits were available used chamberpots or the waste was thrown out of the window sewers would be open decreases life expectancypopulation exposed to the death and dying dead bodies in the streets2 Clean drinking watervillage water supplydrinking water in sample place as waste depositednatures water is not pure need calizone tablets or boiling the waterEx guinea worm in waterwater treatment makes the difference major improvementchlorination3 Refrigerationfood often spoiledice house prepared in spring to keep fold cold in winter4 Vaccinationmost successful for viruseseliminated smallpox in 1977 and polio gone from North America in 1991 still exists in other places due topolitics5 Antibioticspenicillin reduced maternal mortality 30 survival to mother if infection during birth dose makes the poiso
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