CMN 1148 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Knitting

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6 - Cultural Approaches
Perspective View of Culture
Culture...the values people have in that organizations. The beliefs
people have. Artifacts, etc. Everything that helps you to understand the
organization's culture.
It is a collective mental programming.
Deal and Kennedy's "Strong Cultures"
We can build a strong culture with the natural culture value. He believed
that we can build strong cultures.
Social values, national values...people actually know what is right and
you can succeed and achieve success if you follow the rules and
Values - beliefs and assumptions and interaction and
relationship values. Anything that can help you understand that people
prefer, the assumptions and priorities that people have.
Values that distinguish you from other organization.
Rituals - what is acceptable, what is good, right and wrong
Role models or heros - the people who are significant ones in the
Cultural network - how people communicate...formal or informal
communication structure.
Assumptions: Business success can be enhanced through the
development of a strong culture
D&K identified 4 components of a strong culture
Peter and Waterman's "Excellent cultures"
Peter and Waterman's themes for organizational
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find more resources at
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