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Lecture 3

CMN 3103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Implied Consent, Chat Room, National Research Act

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CMN 3103
Peruvemba Jaya

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CMN3103 Chapter 3
Ethical Issues
Ethical Principles of Research
Do not Harm: avoiding emotional and psychological harm
Voluntary Consent: consent must be given freely and voluntarily
Deception: there must be no deception when conducting the study/project
Ethically Questionable
Various studies in the past which were questionable in relation to ethics and involved
manipulation and in some cases harm to participants
Tuskegee Syphilis Study
“tale Milgra’s Oediee
Phillip Ziardo’s “taford Priso Eperiet
CIA’s Artihoke progra
Laud Huphre’s Tea Roo Trade
Ethical Regulations
National Research Act of 1974
o Established institutional research boards (IRB)
Buckley Amendment
o Protection of privacy
Privacy Acts of 1974
o Safeguards for the release of records
Institutional Review Boards
o Ensure safety to human subjects
Assurance of informed consent
Advise subjects of potential risks and benefits
o Ensure unhampered research opportunities
o Formal written permission from parent or guardian
o Permission granted unless a refusal letter is returned
Justification for Non-Consent
To gain a more meaningful understanding of the research topic
Volunteers may be coerced or manipulated
To provide accountability of public officials
To create a representative sample
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