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Lecture 2

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CMN 2101Lecture 2 Notes Looking into any historical event what makes it different than other approaches is that it uses theory heavily conceptual framework to organize and structure workcomparative and historical differenceshistorical change over timechangeseg how people described a social event or movement looking into it multiple interpretations connection between different eventseg disneyland what happened one location or one institituioncomparative look into changes and compare look into how media and different researchers have talked about similar events in different locations in the worldhistorical comparative more authentic than just historical not only looking into it but changes as wellhistory is an art not a science changed their writing style a lot of evolutions on how people focus on historical events or on a storydifferent types of historical researchesmost people say it fall under qualitative which is truehow you can explain or describe a situation or an issue or a case verbal interpretationcan trace history and see how people have defined the issue or event or situationbiographical research focus on life of important people movement or idea studies trace the idea or movement how there are evolutions eg how people defined how to manage or design organizations looking into how the idea was developed trace history of a social or economic area also falls under historicalregional studies focused on particular cities statesregions or geographic boundaries very situated problemshistorical research eg the city of ottawa how demographics changedinstitutional studies one particulat instituiton eg ottawaustarbucks understanding the evolutiondevelopmentphilosophy of these institutions case histories what caused something eg why or when and how legislation will pas or the rights that gave lesbianssocial movements started in 2001 and finalized in 2004 equal rights under human rights legislation particular incident and track how the situation evolved social environmentselective studies more focused on identifying specific elements within history or an incident that catches your attention focused and precise very limited issue within a broader issueeditorial studies translating topics focus more on archival data documents youll find available on the issue you want to study evaluating reports recollections notes diaries letters all these things are part of a historical analysistypes of research questions topics addressing big questions more why and howhistorical comparative research is more useful to ask more open ended questions more text verbal interaction and written with participants qualilative narrative anaylsis or inquiry focusing on what people will tell you look into verbal and written messagesexamining social change if interested in looking at how society changed or evolved will go into historical comparative
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