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Carolyn Gordon

Class 4 Classical Criminology From Supernatural to Natural ExplanationsDo You Agree or DisagreeOffenders make personal choices about committing crimes based on anticipated rewardsIndividuals will decide NOT to commit crimes when the risks are too high or the rewards are not adequateStatusThrough painRevengeSense of belonging honour accomplishmentEmotionalFame thLife During the 18 Century EconomicSocial ContextShift from Feudalism to modern nation state A system which is based on the few people lords or barrens having much power wealth and landIt was a system based on oppressionMajority of power was within the few Minority had much power and majority had more powerShift from economy based on agriculture to the Industrial Revolution 17501850 Rural populations moving to larger citiesNeed disciplined workersNew forms of social controlShaming no longer effectiveIdeas of Protestant Reformation Scientific ExplanationsWe are capable of discovering whyhow things happenWe can use sciencereason to discover those rules that govern behaviour of both the universemanThe Enlightenment 16501800 Intellectual ContextReason is idealized Doctrine of free willThey had the ability to make decisions if they had free willHumans are hedonisticHedonistic if it feels good do itIndividuals were pleasure machines therefore they wanted to maximize pleasure and minimize painNatural rights exist and must be protected by the rule of lawThe idea that the role of the state is to insure that individuals in pursuit of their happiness doesntt hinder and affect others happinessMan is naturally rational and good
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