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Carolyn Gordon

PrisonIncarceration a system that breeds criminology failureSomething To Think About What causes crimeSocial conflict poverty environment psychological spontaneity peer pressure selfdefense excitement stimulationConservative Ideology for crime causationTraditional institutions are breaking down school religion familyPunishment is not harsh enough No deterrenceLack of social orderLiberal Ideology for crime causationPoverty racism social injustices Society is not meeting peoples basic needs thus resulting in criminal activityTo Reduce Crime Conservative reestablish social order put discipline back into society and rebuild traditional institutions Stiffer penalties Liberal more equality programs to meet needs of disadvantaged rehabilitationWhat Should be the Function of CorrectionsSelective incapacitation modelsFocus on treatment underlying causeHow do you reconcile punishment and rehabilitationNeeds of victimsProtection of innocentsConservative individuals commit crimes of their own free will classical criminologyhand in hand DeterrenceLiberal focus on criminal causation How to prevent furthered criminal behavior RehabilitationEmergence of Prisons Highest rate of incarceration USA Countries that have a low rate Japan Sweden Finland Netherlands and IndiaVideo Philippines best dance crewInnovative approachIt is involuntaryHave to look at cultural factorsConformist Philippines vs individualistic North America societiesHow Many Correctional Institutions are Across Canada
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