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University of Ottawa
Justin Piche

Giving a Purpose to Imprisonment Beyond Punishment Overview • Bridge-in Exercise • Locating the Emergence of the Penitentiary in Canada (Beattie, 1977) Constructions of ‘crime’ Mechanisms for restoring ‘order’ and moral reformation The emergence of the prison as an alternative punishment in Canada The regime and objectives of Kingston Penitentiary • New Objectives, Familiar Outcomes (Jackson, 2002) – Brown Commission Report (1849) – Archambault Commission Report (1938) – MacGuigan Report (1977) – Arbour Commission Report (1996) • Bridge-out Exercise • Mid-term Exam 1 – Review Beattie (1977) Trying to explain what crime looked like in Canada Constructions of Crime in Upper Canada 1830-1850 Frequency of ‘Crime’ Scarce Types of ‘Crime’ Property offences Basis for Concern Symptom of immorality, social instability and lack of respect / deference Explaining ‘Crime’ Individual inadequacies (lack of education, moral instruction, discipline and character / vice and idleness) Sources of Knowledge News articles Political debates Mechanisms for Restoring Order and Moral Reformation Temperance Sabbatarianism Juvenile Industrial Schools Popular Education Capital Punishment The Emergence of Prison as an Alternative Punishment in Canada Decline in Legal Legitimacy Selective administration of sentences Reluctance to prosecute and convict Capital punishment seen as immoral and / or ineffective Emerging Legal Culture Proportionality Reformation Penal Reform in England Prison envisaged as a site of punishment and reformation through schooling, work, moral influence, and discipline PENNSYLVANIA SYSTEM AUBURN SYSTEM OBJECTIVES Punishment and reform Punishment and reform BASIS FOR REFORMATION Solitude and reflection Development of industrious work habits CONFINEMENT Isola
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