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Lecture 5

CRM 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Pillory

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CRM 1301
Carolyn Gordon

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January 29th 2015
Age of the Monarchy Continued
Why is the church still significant in the age of the monarchy?
The church is no longer the all mighty power but it is because of the church that the King is considered a
direct messenger from God.
The use of torture
The use of torture was justified at this time was that the state needed to protect the community from
further wrath of angry God. When an individual was suspected of a crime only half proof was required
(very flimsy evidence). In this time there was still the inquisition. The accused was asked under oath
while induring physical pain. There was 2 stages of torture: Preparatory (forcing the accused to admit
their guilt) and Preliminary (getting the names of the accomplices).
The Use of Torture
This was done in England. The individual could avoid torture by consenting to trial by jury. Refusal of
trial by jury would bring pressing which was lying down and having weights put on you. People would
refuse the jury because if they were found guilty all their possessions would be taken from the accused
Different forms of punishments popular at this time
People as young as 6 or 7 would be convicted of capital crimes. These punishments were spectacles that
were often drawn out. Here’s some forms of punishments:
-Being hanged publicly
-Beheading publicly (For the nobles)
-Gibbeting (People would be hanged in a brace. They’d be left there till they rotted, it was general
deterrence because it sent a message to pirates and other criminals to not commit crimes).
-Stocks and pillory (An individual puts his head and arms in a piece of wood in the middle of town. It
humiliated the person but also people were encouraged to do things to the person that was in the
board. Anything was fair game. Sometimes they would even nail your ears on it so when people threw
things at you you would flinch and rip your own ears off).
-Flogging (An individual is whipped. For 2 reasons to bring pain and for the scars to constantly remind
others of your deviance).
-Branding (Branding reflects what your crime is. Example if your are branded with a T you were a thief.
Everyone knew about it forever because the mark stayed forever).
-Banishment or exile (Removed of his or her property and is banished from ever returning to their home.
No home, no friends, fend for yourself etc).
-Transportation (Individual is sent to the colonies to work on the land as a slave for about 7 years).
-Transportation stopped happening when colonies declared their independence and didn’t want the
prisoners on it. So to continue getting rid of prisoners they put them on a boat. Awful place to go
because of the lack of hygiene and such.
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