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Lecture 10

ENG1120 Lecture 10: The Great Godpan Continued

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Chris Jenkins

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The Great God Pan Continued Thursday March 1, 2018 Common Writing Mistakes Book/Story Titles - The titles of novels should be in italics i.e. Heart of Darkness - Short story titles and articles should be in quotations i.e. Young Goodman Brown Articles/Journals - With articles in books or journals, the article should be in quotations while the book/ journal title should be in italics - Note that short story title is in quotations, if a novel title appeared in an article title, it would be in italics Integrating Quotes - Must introduce quotes with a signal phrase The titular character exclaims, [m]y Faith is gone - It is possible to place your signal phrase after your quote - - But a quote should never stand alone as a sentence You could do this with a colon i.e. My Faith is gone: this exclamating by the titular character has both a literal and allegorical meaning - You can also introduce a quote with a colon - Along with including signal phrases, you must integrate your quote so that the overall sentence is grammatically correct Grammatically incorrect: Young Goodman Brown realized that his Faith is gone. Grammatically correct: Young Goodman Brown realizes that his Faith is gone. OR Young Goodmand Brown realized that his Faith [was] gone. - You can change the quote by adding or removing words with square brackets - If the rst letter of your quote is an upper case letter, but is not a proper name, and comes after your signal phrase, you must use square brackets to turn into a lower case letter - Quotes shouldnt be in italics unless italics are used in the primary text Sentence Structure - A proper sentence, or independent clause, must have a subject and a predicate - A predicate can be a verb (action) or the combination of a verb and an object and any modiers thereof (adverbs, adjectives) i.e. The woman walked.
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