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Lecture 6

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David Carlson

English 1122 Lecture 6 OE 500-1100 ME 1100-1500 - loss of inflection/vocabulary (French) EME- 1500-1700 1066 – Norman Conquest > French (Vikings) - The result of conflicts (dynastic problem). - William (Gullaume – William the Conqueror) - Duke of Normandy before he was King of England - Conquers England, beheading the social pyramid, wiping out English speaking, stopping old language literary activity, replaces that activity with French - For 250 years after the Norman Conquest, the dominant language in England was French o What literature was being written in this period, was French, some Latin, during which there was no English literature. o The dominant literary language was French - What happens to English? o Start to borrow from French language o The less powerful language group adapts to the most powerful language group o Control comes off during a massive linguistic change o The difference between OE and ME is much greater than ME and EME England Population - 1300 - Population levels in England level out - 1315-17, Famine - 1349 – Black Death - 1400 – Had half as many people as it did in 1300 Late 14 century period: court cases became capable of being pleaded in England. Government Business and laws were now done in English, and correlation between demographic disaster and the reemission of English linguistic existed. 14 Century Poets SGGK (Sir Gawayn and the Green Knight) - C 1390-140 th - Most obscure poet of all late 14 century poets - We don’t know much about the poet - Responsible also for 3 other poems
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